We help you make more, keep more, enjoy more (and you might just sleep more)

Do you know the experience-tested treatment plans to accelerate business results in your practice?

Have you discovered, leveraged and optimized the multiple streams of income within your practice ( a.k.a. PEG’s Hat-trick)?

Providing an online Chief Financial Officer for a fraction of the cost

We help you enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of your practice.


Custom planning, strategy, and expertise through the life cycle of a practice can map the best path to knowing what to do, how to do it, and in what sequence. How much better off would you be today if you had avoided losses and enhanced your gains?


Concierge Cash Management

We simplify the “noise” of numbers and distractions of cash flow management through our specialized bookkeeping and proprietary cash management systems and reports. Learn how to spend smarter to increase profit, plan for taxes, fund retirement and savings.



Save thousands of dollars every month, focus on your core competencies, and maintain peak financial performance with our custom solution that includes simplified accounting software, consulting access, and advisory services, leveraged by your virtual CFO-team.


Hear what others are saying…

August 2007

“Thank you for your help! You have helped Gary and I on an amazing journey from where we were when we first met. I would never have believed then that I would be where I (we) am today. With greatest gratitude,”

-M. Gabrielle Thodas, DDS,
Redwood City, CA

“…bringing PEG into our practice and into our lives was one of the best decisions we have made.  We both feel like we have a team of experts with us as we navigate the challenges of owning and running a dental practice.  We cannot thank you all enough!”

-Drs. Megan and John Koett


“The difference that Rob offers is that he is so good at working with professional practices, and has worked with so many of them, that he can instantly see obstacles that we the business owners don’t see.  Rob Flintom is one of those gifted individuals with x-ray vision when he looks at a business.  He sees the potential you don’t, he sees the problems and challenges you don’t, he can pinpoint the “why”s and the solutions for the challenges you do know about.  Rob is in the business of putting professional businesses on a better track – one that is more lucrative, more enjoyable, and safer.”

-Marty Fogarty
The Heartlandplanning Group, Ltd.
Glenview, IL

August 2012

“I actually enjoy coming into the office now.  Together with my PEG team, we have knocked down a huge chunk of debt.  PEG also added another wonderful member to the team in Jan.  Through their insight and direction, the practice is starting to thrive, again—both financially and emotionally.”

-Thomas Mazzuchelli, DMD

“When working with potential team members, colleagues, anyone for that matter, the most important question I ask is: “Do they get it?”  Can they see the forest through the trees?  PEG gets it!!! They have the experience and sophistication to execute while maintaining a passion and drive to help and support in any way possible. ”

-Dr. Bob

August 2008

“Dental professionals looking to enhance their professional and personal success will find that Practice Enhancement Group, Inc. is a key contributor to achieving that success. With the ‘no-nonsense,’ unbiased and deeply experienced advice and accountability PEG provides, professionals will find one of the best resources available for both practice and personal financial management, practice transitions and strategic planning.  Having worked with PEG and its principals for more than 20 years, we have found that clients deeply appreciate the expertise, insight and passion PEG brings to the team.”

-Greg D. Judkins
Judkins, Glatt & Hulme LLP
San Diego, CA

December 2010

“PEG is saving me and my practice. As of today, our production is over 1M and collections close behind. Still can’t believe it!”

-Olivia Cajulis, DDS,
MSA CM Client
Sherman Oaks, CA

October 2013

“Rob, you and your team are fantastic.  Thanks for the routine excellence you provide.”

-John Graham, DDS, MD
Graham Orthodontics