Dental Business Consulting

Dental Business ConsultingDental Business Consulting Services

How much more efficient or profitablewould your practice be if you had a team of business-savvy partners who specialized in dental practice profit, helping oversee and navigate your business by giving you their observations and recommendation each month? How would it feel to have your own private advisory board consisting of an expert Practice Management Consultant, a Business Mastery Coach, a PHD in Peak Performance Coaching, a Master Accountant, and a principal Bookkeeper actively serving and working together with one purpose: to help you, your practice, and your family live and enjoy the life you deserve?

We offer these roles and the benefits of such a partnership to our clients without being the partner, AND without any conflict of interest-no hidden agendas, no products, no investments.

Would you or could you reach farther if you had the safety net of an experienced team of experts behind you who have already attained and taken others where you want to go? Most successful businesses have the benefit of an “advisory board” to help guide and give feedback from their own experiences of success to share with the business owner. The key to an effective result is to find advisors and Board members who have been where you want to go. Colleagues in similar situations (like dental study groups) can help give you support and encouragement toward clinical excellence. But how often do they give you simplified, tested, and concise action plans to move you toward your specific, desired business or profit goals?

How much more focused and productive would you be if you slept better? Worried less? Felt greater clarity and confidence in your next business and fiscal moves? What if you were able to focus on being the dentist you were trained to be? Imagine if you and your spouse had a common understanding of the pathway, steps, time and spending rate for your financial foundation, security and freedom!

Dental Consulting Services

For decades we have helped Doctors, their spouses, and families, sleep better and live better! How? Because we understand all the many aspects of your business that can produce stress: office leases, loans, equipment purchases, start-up, expansion, cash flow, profit, debt restructuring, personal spending, partnering, hiring and managing teams, profit, cash flow, student loans, and insurances.

How would it feel to know you could make one phone call to handle any or all of these ongoing challenges, knowing that no matter what the challenge or transition, you have an advisory board-with no conflict of interest-working and brainstorming together to create the best outcome for YOU?