cyberCFO Key Advantages

cyberCFO Key Advantages

Here’s the beauty of cyberCFO:

You “increase the expertise average of your entire team” and benefit from the strategic advantages by outsourcing the CFO service. These advantages generate cost savings and revenue gains that more than cover the cost. It quickly becomes a “net gain.” This is one of the key advantages, and why more than 90% of our clients stay with us, until they stop practicing.

Among the many advantages you will experience with cyberCFO are:

  • Enhanced peace of mind knowing that your practice’s financial matters are in the hands of trusted, caring and knowledgeable experts.
  • Enhanced accountability with your team, including best practices and redundant processes to reduce the probability and vulnerability of embezzlement.
  • Access to the practice’s personal cyberCFO, a CFO-level professional with multiple decades of experience in providing successful financial advice to dental practices and families.
  • Leveraging you and your team’s valuable time: 24/7 access to a user-friendly, Web-based, state-of-the-art accounting system administered by your personal eVisor. This allows you to eliminate other accounting expenses you’re currently paying, and gives you insightful reports summarizing and analyzing all of your financial activity.
  • Access to other experts on PEG’s eVisory Board as needed for help with non-financial issues that might affect the practice.
  • Prioritized action plans to increase your overall fiscal fitness.
  • Less time spent by you and your team members on all financial matters…which means more time spent on patient care, generating revenue, or with your families.
  • Decreased need for ancillary, outside financial services, and efficiency-driven cost reductions for any services that are retained. You will still need a tax return preparer and investment advisor, to stewardship your increased profit.
  • Regular monitoring of all financial aspects of your practice, with insightful reports comparing your practice’s performance to industry averages for successful dental practices.
  • On-going coaching for reducing operating expenses, growing revenues and increasing overall practice performance based on “best practices” observed around the country.
  • Strategic goal setting combined with consistent monitoring of results relative to goals.

You get all of these advantages for a fraction of the cost in money, energy and resources than you’re allocating now—particularly when you consider the time you and your team routinely spend on financial matters. Contact us today for more information about cyberCFO and the difference it can make in your practice!