PEG Corp. Services

Practice Enhancement Group, Inc. Services

We recognize every practice has its own challenges to address, and needs to fill. While we offer three types of services, they are all designed to flex and map the needs of your practice and your outcomes:

Concierge Cash Management

As our most robust service, Concierge is great for dental professionals who want peace of mind, sharpness and speed with expert execution of accounting, financial analysis. Our team views your practice as if it were their own. This full service solution (including the above reporting and AP management with cash management expertise) allows owners to outsource and increase their leverage and management to a niche-specific expert team. We assist you with all business aspects of your practice, strengthening your financial fitness at the practice AND if desired, at home. Since PEG is a fee-based firm, we become a player on your team with no conflict of interest. Our focus is to support the life you desire today while planning for your future.


While providing all the same reporting and optics as the Concierge service, cyberCFO provides an as-needed, expert team to advise you on the best financial decisions for your practice to make sure you stay on track, yet from a distance. Click here to learn more about how this works.

If Concierge and cyberCFO were compared to orthodontic treatment:

  • Braces = Concierge
  • Removable Retainer = cyberCFO

This choice depends on your needs and your desired level of active involvement. Both monthly support services deliver the following reports balanced, accurate and timely:

Complete financial statements

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Cash-flow summary
  • General ledger
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Payroll processing, including Quarterly payroll tax returns, payroll tax funding per pay period

Monthly proprietary management and planning reporting:

  • “At a glance” reporting on current month and YTD actual vs. current year annual plan and prior year period performance
  • Focus-boards, keeping you and your team aligned to the same activities and outcomes


Our expert team focuses on special needs and inquiries which may be a one-time event or frequently recurring in nature. We bring experience-based expertise in the wide range of a practice life cycle or to personal fiscal planning topics. Our consulting team can enhance, expedite and accelerate implementation of your prioritized action plans so you see the results whether increased profit, performance, goal achievement, leveraged negotiations, purchases, sales, growth strategies, expansion, succession/transition, leadership, tax planning, asset-protection, etc.