Concierge Cash Management

Concierge Cash Management

Better cash management today means more cash to manage tomorrow

Concierge Cash ManagementConcierge Cash Management, PEG’s original service, has been successfully serving (and successfully retiring) dental practitioners and their families for decades. Our goal is to maximize the economic benefit you derive from your practice by intertwining your family’s short and long term financial objectives with those of your practice. We do this by seamlessly blending all areas of your financial life – retirement funding and savings for the future – while helping you live today with “guilt-free” spending. In addition to all the direct reporting listed below, we passionately enhance and protect your family’s “fiscal fitness”, honoring the importance of balanced planning at home with planning at the practice.

This monthly service delivers the following reports, balanced, accurate and timely:

Complete financial statements:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • General ledgers
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Payroll processing, including quarterly payroll tax returns, payroll tax funding per pay period

Monthly Proprietary management and planning reporting:

  • “At a glance” reporting on current month and YTD actual vs. current year annual plan and prior year period performance
  • Focus-boards, keeping you and your team aligned to the same activities and outcomes

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