About Practice Enhancement Group

Company History

“The business side of my practice isn’t succeeding the way I expected it to, and it’s affecting my professional and personal finances and quality of life. I don’t have a clue how to fix it, but you understand business and finance. Can you help me…?”

These words were spoken by our first client in the 1980’s. After giving the question considerable thought, founder Bill Flintom replied that he would agree to help his friend get his finances in order, but with one condition: the doctor would have to embrace a new mindset and reject the prior mindset that created the problem. Once the doctor agreed, Bill proceeded to effectively act as the doctor’s professional and personal Chief Financial Officer, or CFO. In short order, he redefined the fiscal fitness and strengths of the doctor’s financial life both professionally and personally. The doctor retired with more money than he needed.

Soon after Bill’s program showed results, the relieved, revitalized and grateful doctor started telling other colleagues about this life-changing experience. So many of these dentists approached Bill asking for help that in 1988 he founded Practice Enhancement Group, Inc. or PEG.

Bill’s vision was to not only help each client gain control of their business and personal finances, but to help them modify their perspective and behavior with respect to money to ensure successful financial decision-making for their practice and their family, today and tomorrow.

Today, PEG is still a one-of-a-kind company. Now run by Bill’s son Rob, PEG maintains the essence and dedication to its clients’ practices and personal finances.

PEG’s continued success is evident in an exceptionally high client retention rate and word-of-mouth referrals. The key: PEG’s advice is not simply theoretical concepts; rather, they preach what they themselves practice at home and at work.

PEG was asked by clients to share its unique financial expertise with doctors who want to enhance the performance of their practice but who like to keep their own hand in it. The challenge was to develop a cost-effective means of interacting with these new clients while maintaining PEG’s founding spirit of coaching, education, service and profitability results! The answer: a service called cyberCFO™, which effectively provides clients access to all the reports, information and accounting with an online Chief Financial Officer for a fraction of the concierge service. Learn more about cyberCFO here.