Q. How does cyberCFO help my “bottom line” profit?
  1. Decreased overhead for various accounting tasks.
  2. Decrease in specialized experience required of AP Coordinator resulting in a less expensive employee.
  3. Decreased accounting fees by providing accountant-accurate data throughout the year and at year end; no data entry required by accountant’s office.
  4. Timely alerts to trends that are positively or negatively affecting cash flow and profitability so immediate adjustments can be made.
  5. More efficient communication of your financial information with any other consultants you might be using.
  6. Decreased expenses and increased revenues through proper allocation of your practice’s resources.
Q. Will my existing financial data transfer over for prior year?

Yes, with most software packages. While there may be a rare exception, we have not found the exception yet.

Q. How long do reports remain available to review online?

For the current and previous year.

Q. What do I have to do to get started?

Contact us, and once engaged with a start date, you will immediately be introduced to our new-client concierge. This person will escort you through the structured process to make sure you are comfortable with navigation and processes.

Q. How long does it take to learn the cyberCFO software?

On average, It takes three “user experiences” to “get the hang” of using the system. Our PEG Support Team, will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Q. Will my vendors from Quickbooks be converted to the new software, or will I need to reenter all of them?

When we import your data, all the vendor information, including the balances that have been paid to each one in the current year, will come into our system.

Q. How are patient refunds handled?

You will write the check or make the refund to the patient’s credit card.

Q. If I use checks now, will I be able to use the same checks I use now?

Yes. We will customize the check printing format to match your checks.

Q. If there are corrections to my bank balance from the bank reconciliation, how will I know?

We update your bank balances as soon as the bank reconciliations are completed.

Q. How will cyberCFO help me work with my CPA more effectively and efficiently?

Two primary ways. First, you can provide your CPA access to your financial statements, allowing him/her to monitor financial data anytime. Second, your CPA will no longer have to “re-key” all of your data to ensure accuracy and completeness come tax time. Our cyberCFO team does that along the way so your CPA does not have to.