Dental Business Plan for YOUR Success

Dental Business Plan for Success

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Often we see dental business plans  focused on growth in their production or collections. However neither of these numbers – even if growing – is a guarantee to increased profit, which is usually our clients’ desired and expected outcome from growth.

A successful dental business plan focuses on your desired outcome from the activities outlined in the plan. For example; do you want more profit? More time out of the office? More flexibility in time? Or do you want more new patients, if they do not translate to your desired outcomes?

As the owner and leader of your organization, you may inadvertently focus on the three most common missteps of creating a successful dental practice.  Are you…

  • Focusing on growth and collections, not on profit?
  • Misinterpreting or misreading cash flow, collections, and profit?
  • Managing your business from what the bank says is in your account (a.k.a. “checkbook balance” mentality)?

The cornerstone of a successful dental business plan and of our coaching has a deep foundation in what we call the “Three Hat” philosophy (a.k.a. PEG’s Hat-trick). Over the decades, our observation is that every small business owner has three primary “hats” to wear – the Producer (aka Clinician), the Manager, and the Owner. Each “hat” has a different role and responsibility to fulfill in order for the business to succeed. Therefore, understanding which “hat” to wear when facing different questions or decisions, will help give you, the team, your patients and your family greater clarity and better understanding of the desired outcomes.

As with any highly successful professional, a mentor or coach can be the difference between “good” and “great.” Do you know what you or your organization needs in order to elevate from good to great? Do you need stronger people, stronger processes, more reserves, increased clarity?  With experience-based expertise, we can help you diagnose the gaps and treatment plan for YOUR desired outcome in YOUR desired time-frame.