Dental Practice Management

Our Dental Practice Management Philosophy

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Do you continually ask yourself, “How can I make more, keep more or enjoy more?” Our clients did before working with us! While you have mastered the specialized clinical science and care of patients, we have decades of experience in the specialized financial science and business art of running high-performing practices. We elevate, expedite and enhance peak performance and profitability in each practice we work with.

Dental Practice Success

Ask yourself, “Have I been using HOPE as my primary business strategy?” Successful dental practice business plans are not rooted in hope. Rather, they are a specific, intentional treatment plan of proven, high probability actions which, when added together and implemented, produce the desired outcome.

We honor hope as a necessary human emotion, but it is not the foundation on which to build a strong business plan or your family’s financial future. Creating the practice and the financial life you want is based less on hope and luck (although some do fall into it this way!) than on planning and taking appropriate action at the right time. If you look around, you will see successful practices – even in today’s economic climate. These successful practices leave clues with evident patterns of success. It is quite likely they have a coach or team of coaches helping them identify and take the steps of their journey.

Knowing what to do and the right order in which to do it will make a powerful difference in the speed and ease with which you accomplish your desired goals. As you know, when you deliver the best dental care to your patients, the sequence in which you perform the steps is vitally important to the outcome. Likewise, in managing your dental practice, having the right information applied in the right sequence (i.e., the ingredients) is essential.

Our clients benefit consistently from our years of coaching and experience which have produced the “treatment plans” we’ve already tested: the right information implemented in the correct sequence. Successful businesses build a sophisticated plan; not a strategy of luck or trial and error. Is your current business treatment plan creating the outcomes you expect? If not, call us for a clarifying phone call.