Sr. Consultant, Director of Consulting, CEO



For Rob, the road traveled has been paved with some big foot prints, with his first position as “Chief briefcase carrier and note taker” for the founder of the company.  He joined PEG in 1990 after graduating with a degree in Business administration from Southern Methodist University and after a couple years, post graduation, of independent entrepreneurships.

Rob’s in-depth, in-the-trenches experience with hundreds of practices and businesses over the past few decades, combined with his unique ability to interpret and translate numbers into patterns and stories, makes him our lead Sr. consultant and CEO of the firm.

Although his early professional interests were in competitive skiing, beach volleyball, physical therapy and rehabilitation, he took an interesting entrepreneurial leap from strengthening people to strengthening businesses. Today, Rob most enjoys helping business owners become free from fiscal worry while increasing fiscal strength, so they can create their best business, best life, and best fiscal fitness for their families.

When not working, he is often found in a business course [yes, for fun], skiing, surfing, or smiling with his wife, Carrie, and young-adult children.